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In large corporate environments, it is common for PCs to have multiple network connections and profiles setup for different users. Manual management of these can be tedious and any network profile switch often requires a huge time penalty. Mobile Net Switch is a network location switcher for Windows that precisely targets these needs.


Mobile Net Switch features a very simple and traditional user interface with connection profiles, a menu bar, and drive mapping and proxy configuration panel. The various config options are available at the left panel. The primary task of Mobile Net Switch is to allow the switching of network settings such as network location, drive mappings, connection and printer settings, IP and Wi-Fi configuration, etc. The change of settings is done in real-time and instantly and does not require any hardware or software restart and thus allows continuous usage without interruptions. The software also does not require administrator rights to function nor does it trigger UAC prompts. Apart from these, it supports the creation of proxy servers for all popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Internet settings allows user to set dialing options, Firewall client and start page for browsers. There is also an option to set Desktop triggers such as wallpapers, numlock key, display and volume settings on network switch. There is also support for running batching scripts before and after network settings change. Advanced settings include Windows Firewall, DNS Suffix, NetBIOS TCP/IP, Mac addresses and Metrics. It supports simultaneous connections to multiple networks with network specific settings regarding IP, Wi-Fi, DNS, etc. The software is currently available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and even the upcoming Windows 10.


Windows itself provides appropriate dialog boxes and settings applets for changing the configurations but they are distributed among various items and the users need to dig through the control panel to access them. Further most of the changes will require admin rights and trigger UAC prompts. Thus, Mobile Net Switch is a much better alternative which collects all the relevant settings together and provides a unified hub without annoying prompts or admin rights. Dedicated software is also available which provide similar functionality. NetSetMan is a similar utility that provides live settings updates for networks and is available in 21 different languages – which makes it arguably more diverse than Mobile Net Switch. Quick Config is in a similar vein with profile based settings which can be applied when required but is only available for Windows XP and Vista and thus is already outdated in comparison. Net Profiles is an open-source offering which has similar features and is worth checking out.


Mobile Net Switch is a feature packed offering for network profile switches. The ability to change on the go without any restarts and no admin privileges/UAC prompts makes it very handy and it is supported for even upcoming version of Windows making it future proof.


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