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Mixxx is open source computer software that is apt for audio DJs. The software is known to be the perfect choice for beat matching that involves time stretching and mixing of audio tracks. The software is the product of a project initiated in 2001 and is considered to be one of the first and earliest computer programs in music DJing. The software achieved tremendous response within a short span of its release and went viral online crossing downloaded of millions in number. It is functional in various platforms and can also be controlled using HID and MIDI controllers. More than hundred computer programmers have pooled their programming skills to develop this unique music DJing software which has as of now been released in 11 versions.


Mixxx offers editing options that most best selling software are amiss with. It is a world class application available free of cost that has advanced controls like double decks, time stretching options, vinyl emulation, quad sampler decks, multiple equalizers, cross fader controls, etc. With time stretch users can manipulate the playing speed of selected tracks and create virtual audio effects that are not possible in common audio editing software.

With beat lopping, DJs can repeat their favorite beat stretches or loops repeatedly without having to insert them manually through the length of the track. Vinyl emulation helps create advance audio effects that are identical to classic vinyl backspins. Another advantage of using Mixxx is that it offers users the option to hotcue (earmark) points with considerable ease. Users can drop and remove hotcues easily without the editing being disturbed.


Mixxx is a great application as compared with other leading DJ mixing programs available in the internet. Mixxx has automatic volume gain and beat gridding feature that most free software programs do not offer. Proprietary software that offers these features charge a fortune unlike Mixxx which is being given away for free. It is also compatible with iTunes Library and has auto synching feature of playlists. Being free and open source you are free to use, analyze, copy or alter its functioning to match your requirements. The bonus point is that Mixxx works on all possible operating systems including Linux and Unix OS unlike most programs which are compatible only with windows.


Mixxx is the best application available right now for DJs and music professionals. It is undoubtedly a perfect application that serves all the needs of music professionals. This is perhaps the most futuristic music editing software available right now. Media professionals who want to mix and match various beats of tracks can use Mixxx to their convenience. Mixxx is available for free download.


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