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Need professional Dj software with great user interface? MixMeister Pro is the solution for you. Install this software and import audio or video files in various formats like AVI, MP3, WMA, MPG and many more. MixMeister Pro DJ provides a very simple graphical interface for users and helps them to add desired musical effects to their multimedia files. Various transition effects can be added to the files including bass drop, back grid, spin, beat grids, beat mixing and various other effects to customize the track. For audio shows and DJ performances this is one of the most post popular and efficient software available in the market today.


MixMeister Pro DJ provides features like key correction that is very useful in making the track perfect. It comes with a trial version and is supported by both windows and Mac.

Hardware configuration required to use this software is very minimal with 512 MB RAM, Direct X and a sound card, if u have this then you are all set to go and enjoy MixMeister Pro.

There is a long list of exciting features that come along with this software and some of them are as follows:

  • Play loop tracks in reverse order and make track sound like never before.
  • Reduce the sound distortion and noises by stretching the file
  • Custom terrible and bass setup depending on song genre.
  • One click beat matching to make a proper beat synchronization.
  • Variety of preinstalled samples and sound effects to make one click effect generator.
  • Internal support to burn CD with this software is amazing and it hardly takes few minutes.


Comparing MixMeister Pro DJ with other software like Virtual Dj here are some advantages to use this software over others:

  • MixMeister Pro can create various lists and user can switch between selected lists.
  • MixMeister Pro provides bits per minute (BPM) for various playlists.

There are so many features that differentiate this software from others including its pre mixing capability, beat to beat synchronization, manually setting transitions and many more.


Everybody loves merging their favorite songs together and MixMeister Pro provides you an easy accessibility option to manage your playlists and use them accordingly. Software size is 38.9 MB and it is supported in all windows versions. Track customization and improvisation is the main strength of this software and all the features provided by this software are up to the mark and users are satisfied with the output quality produced by this software. With MixMeister Pro every individual tracks are customized individually and then they can be merged together to create a single remix multimedia file.

However there is only one limitation about this software and that is MixMeister Pro comes with 30 day trial validity and after that the license to use this software expires as per company policy.


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