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Miranda IM is open source messaging application especially designed for Microsoft Windows in order to make the genuine integration of the user social application IM (Internet Messenger) and along with the graphical interface provided by Miranda IM. Miranda is absolutely free software and it is distributed without any price tag under GNU (General Public License), there is no trail demo version of this software that requires updating by the end of week or month.

Miranda IM is a full message archive based record maintenance based software that makes it very secure and reliable software


The advanced feature of this software includes simple recall and removal of data entry with the database tool support and history sweeper plugin that is a free plugin available for this purpose. One of the most amazing features of Miranda IM is client’s contact details and multimedia files are visible with mouse hover, but for this purpose there is additional requirement of custom plugin. Inspire of being a freeware there is no advertising banners or logos and watermark is associated with this software. With Miranda IM there is special feature of customized look and function according to every client which makes it very unique and eye catching depending on the choice of the user.


There are so many other Internet messengers available in the marker but so far Miranda IM   is one of the world’s most reliable, compact and portable software and there is a vast range of support for external plugin and services along with this software. Miranda IM provides great source of security and privacy and it also saves the chat history on the local drive associated with client hardware. There is also support for low memory footprint that is not available in any other Internet Messenger. There is a very simple user interface and management of Internet Messenger IM buddies on many IM networks that are associated with client chat list and login details and other secured and general information.


Miranda IM comes with one of the very simple client framework, Graphical User Interface, and there is also very advanced plugin support along with this software. Miranda IM provides support for various Internet Messaging protocols and there are so many additional features that come along with this software and it implement optional plugin and third party support for providing additional support with this software. With Miranda IM there are some of additional features which come pre installed in default settings to enhance the user interface and software quality of this software. There is also additional support to remove unused protocols that are not required by the client.



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