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Brainstorming and visualizing our ideas will increase productivity. The ideas can be mind mapped to make each and every step of the operation very clear. MindMaple Lite is a mind mapping software with more features to make a mind map smarter and organized. MindMaple can be used among students for educational purposes, for projects, work related presentations, creating wonderful travel plans, creating a step-by-step to do list for fresh start websites and building plans, etc.


MindMaple is a software that lets the users to create mind maps using topics and subtopics. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS operating systems. Moreover, users can customize the mind maps by adding images, word documents (which can be opened directly by clicking on it), colors to mind maps, symbols, and especially callout notes.

MindMaple Lite comes with a tabbed interface which helps the users to switch between projects easily. There are different templates and themes available within the application to make a mind map look more beautiful than ever. Some of the themes available in the software are the neon sign, black board, white board, and the default MindMaple theme. Templates can be chosen based on the nature of the work. The available templates are business plan template, course curriculum template, lesson plan template, project map template, syllabus template and week schedule template.

MindMaple Lite comes with a built-in library of icons. The alignment of the icons, their colors and the shapes of the branches can also be customized. Basic editing options such as cut, copy and paste are available. Some advanced options available in MindMaple are inserting clip arts, images, hyperlinks, bookmarks, date and time stamps, labels, notes, text and icon markers and task information. The attachment can be of any file type. Some of the image formats supported by this application are JPEG, GIF, BMP, JPG, PNG, WMF, TIF, TIFF, EMF, and ICO.

There are about 12 clip arts available in this application. The topics and subtopics can be created easily by clicking on the previous branch and dragging it. They can be moved around the workspace. The text inside the topics and subtopics can be customized with a variety of font types, size, color, text case and alignment. For the user comfort, this application comes with rich configuration settings. The whole workspace can be zoomed in or out and switched to full-screen mode to get a better view. Additionally, the group of topics can be emphasized using different boundary shapes. User can even comment on the emphasized groups. The pro version of this software comes with more extensive features such as PDF exporting, password encryption functionality and exporting the mind map directly to Microsoft Office format. The mind map can be directly printed or saved in any of the following file formats such as HTML, TXT, PPT, JPG, DOC, PNG, XLS, BMP, GIF, and TIF.


Some alternatives of MindMaple Lite are XMind, Mindjet, Coggle, Freemind, and MindNode. Coggle is not available as a standalone version. It is a web app and requires an active internet connection to work with. XMind and MindJet have an interface similar to the interface of MindMaple Lite. The interface of MindMaple is very simple and intuitive.


If you are looking for a mind mapping software with power packed features and functionalities, MindMaple Lite will be a reliable and best solution.


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