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XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language, and is employed by developers to port date, and store it. Although the language is quite simple, the first timers always feel insecure. For them, software giant Microsoft has come up with a helpful and efficient tool, called Microsoft XML Notepad 2007. Microsoft XML Notepad 2007 is the editor you can use to facilitate all of your XML needs.


Microsoft XML Notepad 2007 is the one stop software when it comes to creating, and managing XML files for development or learning purposes. Built basically on the lines of Microsoft Notepad, apart from the XML induction, rest of the functions seems to be similar. Hence, XML Notepad 2007 can be considered as an easy to use software, with extremely user friendly interface.

The panel located on the left hand side of the interface parts your XML document into sub divisional branches of classes, respective tags, and the key values associated with them. The color of the identifier and the text associated with it is kept same in the panel to the left. XML Notepad 2007 lets the tag containers list in the Tree View. The “XSL Output” feature in Microsoft XML Notepad 2007 facilitates the preview of your raw XML document. With this, you can anticipate how a browser will process this piece of code. Thereby, giving you a sneak peak into the final output of your code. XML Notepad 2007 also offers tweaked mechanisms of copying data and pasting it, wherever necessary, so that the nodes in your XML tree don’t get out of context, and everything looks neat and clean.


Microsoft XML Notepad 2007 faces fierce competition from Adobe FrameMaker, XML Marker, and Simply XML. A brainchild of another software giant, Adobe FrameMaker is a debutant in the field of document processing. Hence, a lot of features and the software itself are a bit unknown to the users. On the other hand, XML Marker makes use of table-tree-and-text display, which is highly synchronized, in order to process and display the XML document.

Simply XML’s user interface has been kept minimal, thus the training required to master this tool is also minimum. Microsoft XML Notepad 2007 is far ahead of these three key competitors as the users are already familiar with the brand name, and hence, the software has penetrated quite much, into the XML development scene.


Microsoft XML Notepad 2007 is a simple to use, and feature rich application, which can be exploited for XML development. The fact that it’s backed by Microsoft makes it more trustworthy as well.


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