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The first steps are really the most difficult ones in the field programming, as everything is new to the programmer and the jargons are terrifying. To ensure smooth sailing, Microsoft Small Basic comes into the picture for newbies. The tool makes sure that the fun part of programming is on the display for every user to remain engaged to it.


Easily amongst Microsoft’s smallest software, the Small Basic is a very light tool, with a fairly simple motto: to make programming easier for learners. The popular Visual Basic is the main source of inspiration for this software, as it steps out to ensure programming is simplified for kids and other beginners. The easier-dubbed programming language, accompanied by a set of basic and resourceful options, Microsoft Small Basic is a powerful tool when it comes to doing what it does the best, i. e. simplifying programming.

The new and improved proprietary Intelligence technology, works intuitively, thereby making programming a much less complicated task. The software allows the users to share their developments, or programs, with others.  So you don’t have to worry about composing an email every time you decide to share your work with people. Also, with the help of Silver light, you can post your apps directly on your blog, to increase the user base. After which if someone wants to run your program, they won’t have to download Microsoft Small Basic, but the program would just run smoothly in the browser itself.


Although small and simple, Microsoft Small Basic comes in the category of software development tools, and hence faces extremely tough competition from big honchos like Eclipse, NetBeans, and Microsoft Visual Studio.

However, the competition gets nullified owing to the fact that the targeted audience of these applications is far more evolved as compared to former’s user base of newbies. Microsoft Visual Studio is the firm’s flagship programming tool, which has helped developers cling on to Microsoft’s .Net Framework. Visual Studio, Eclipse and NetBeans are feature-rich applications, being used by a majority of the programmers around the world.


The BASIC-inspired language simplifies stuff for the new learners, which is complemented by the neat and simple user interface. Microsoft Small Basic, hence, becomes a must-have on your list if programming is what your next goal is.


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