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Microsoft Office is a productivity program that allows the users to perform basic office tasks on a PC. These tasks include creating a document file; excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentations and so on. But, the software itself doesn’t come for free. Microsoft Office 2010 comes for a good price and this is the reason why new PCs are usually not preloaded with a full version of Microsoft Office 2010. To let the users allow performing the most basic tasks of right out of the box, Microsoft made the starter version of Office 2010. Not every feature is offered though, only the starter version of Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft Excel 2010 are included in the package. Also, there will be advertisements popping up. Easy option to upgrade to the full version is offered as well.


The features in the starter edition of Microsoft Office 2010 are greatly reduced. This version discontinues the previously available and offered lightweight version of Microsoft Office. This version provides no improvement but the limited features handicap the users from using the advanced features. If you have been a hardcore fan of the previous Office Starter, then heavy dismay is on your way. The software is free but Microsoft still earns their revenue from you by showing popping up and annoying ads. However, you can make copies, as Microsoft got no copyright issues with that.

Office Starter has the coding of the full version embedded in it. However, you can upgrade to a normal retail version of Office following a set of procedures. Only computers containing Windows Vista and 7 supports MS Office 2010 starter; if you are still an old school user of Windows XP you are out of luck.

The ability to run macros on MS Word has been cut off from this version. Absolutely no in-office macros are runnable in this version and for it, you have to upgrade to a paid version. The software has the MS Office 2007’s ribbon interface. The main intention of this version is to let the new PC users open and view MS Word and MS Excel files.


Open Office from Sun Microsystems stand as a worthy competitor. It’s open source, totally free and totally full version! A user gets the full features and functionality of a productivity software without paying any bucks and also can tweak the codes.


The starter version of Microsoft Office was introduced with a purpose and the software totally fulfills the requirements. For added functionalities, you need to spend some bucks to activate full functionalities.


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