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A GIF is basically a collection of frames which create animation when displayed consecutively. Microsoft GIF Animator is a software by Microsoft which converts files to GIFs. It is one of the best software to create animations in no time at all. The software runs on pretty much every Windows OS till date ranging from Windows 95 to Windows 8. It also works on Linux and is based on the GIF89a format.


The biggest advantage of Microsoft GIF Animator is that it is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay a penny to use this software developed by a technology giant like Microsoft itself. The program will run as a stand-alone program on your computer. It lets you to create GIFs by selecting those pictures which you want in the animation. It also gives you an option to take an existing GIF and edit it. If you chose to do so, it will display the images in the frames and also gives you an option to edit them. If you don’t like the current frame, you can easily modify it.

You can select the number of loops and dimensions of the animation too. The user interface and menu are extremely simple to use as well. You can set the frame delays and adjust the color palette as well. Once you’re done you can preview it easily. However, it does not support GIF optimization.


Just like Microsoft GIF Animator, there are other numerous animation softwares available for free online. One of them is Beneton Movie GIF. It is also a free Animator which allows you to generate GIF’s or edit them. It supports most of the file formats such as BMP, GIF, JPG, AVI, PNG, etc.

Both are great for the beginners as well as for the advanced users. Beneton Movie GIF has different effects like rotate, transition, distortion, etc. which are some of the features missing in Microsoft GIF Animator. The main user interface is simple in both but the illustrated menu in Beneton Movie Gif makes it easier to use especially if you’re a first time user. Both the applications have an option to drag and drop frames to edit quickly. It also supports up to twenty different effects for creating GIFS which are absent in GIF Animator. Beneton Movie GIF also has an in-built editor so that you can edit your frames by using a variety of tools such as pencil, fill, sections, airbrush, alpha brush, and many more. One serious disadvantage of Microsoft GIF Animator is that the display is rather small, and on top of that, it cannot be maximized.


Considering the fact that Microsoft GIF Animator is a software which was launched in the Windows 95 era, its features are quite good. Most of the newer or current GIF Animators have more or less the same features as well as other extra features as this one does.

Microsoft is always known for its quality products and software, and this program also matches the quality perfectly. It is simple and effective to use. Hence, it serves to be great for beginners. But it lacks certain advanced features. So, not many advanced or professional users would like to use this software on the other hand. If you’re new at creating GIFs and are looking for a GIF Animator, you should definitely give it a try.


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