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Microsoft Fix It is the best application to deal with the most frequent and basic issues of your system. The best part of the product is that it does all actions starting from finding them to fixing spontaneously. The program does it in a systematic way by dividing the known and unknown parts and thoroughly providing updates for the users.


User Friendly – The Microsoft Fix It is probably the one that provides the best support ever. The revamped tools make it easy in finding out the latest bugs and the already dealt. Thus the users can be careful about the overall process.

Smooth Processing – The software provides the wizard that directs the user through setting and installing process. In addition it is handy enough for the users as well when they need assist in between.

Spontaneous in many aspects – The product is spontaneous enough in dealing with several issues. It is so smooth that someone completely blank about the PC shouldn’t even think about the problems. It fastly takes a dig at the complete system and asks you for fixing. After completion it provides the complete fixing report as well.

Thinks Ahead – Like a good friend it notices about the issues of your system those may appear bigger later. It keeps on providing the latest solution on a pretty spontaneous way. The user no needs to be worry about it.

System Friendly – It helps users in a great way by mentioning them about the tools those are appropriate for your product, or those software and hardware your system is comfortable with. The Fix it Centre of the utility tool always keeps a thorough eye on your system and its settings. It provides the assist, literatures those are especially for your systems.

Flexibility – It is flexible enough in providing the users with many sorts of settings and various levels to arrange them. It provides a great elasticity in terms of spontaneity.

It lets the user with the option of taking care of various devices at the same time with one. The users can control them distantly as well. It provides the users with the complete record of all the actions those are applied on the system in Fix it Centre.


There are a very few options available like this that can perform as a one in all solution. However, the Microsoft Fix It Portable definitely stays above all those. The best part is that it possesses a nice user interface despite being feature rich.


While you have to go through various software installs for different aspects of your system, the Microsoft Fix It Portable is certainly a very good option as a one in all solution.


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