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There are different image formats which may not open on your computer. Other than the traditional formats of the images, other formats are also used which in turn may not be supported by your computer by default. These formats are used by digital cameras and many other such devices. The digitals cameras can click the picture either in print ready format that is, in JPEG format, or in an unprocessed format that is, RAW. RAW files are unprocessed images which can be edited in an ample amount of ways but you need photo editor software to do so. You cannot directly open RAW files in the explorer. To do so, there are certain software that make your system compatible enough so as to deal with the different types of format. Camera Codec pack brings this to you as well. Codec pack is developed by Microsoft and runs on Windows Vista and above versions.


Camera codec pack isn’t a software but just a package which on installation enables you to view all kinds of image files of different formats in the Windows gallery. Not only in the Windows gallery but it can also be viewed in other image software based on Windows imaging codec. The RAW image files clicked from different devices such as Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic, etc. can directly be viewed from the explorer. The software is available both for 32-bit as well as 64-bit versions of Vista and Windows 7. It supports a wide range of devices of different companies.


There are different developers who have designed codec for Windows. Some of them include Combined Community codec pack, Vista codec package, Standard codec for Windows 7 & 8, StarCodec, Windows 7 codec pack and other packages too. They are all free but some of them are ad supported. So, going for Microsoft codec pack is a good deal as it is provided the trust of the developer.


Codec pack is a good deal for this kind of packages. It is a freeware application. If you are not a professional and don’t need to edit the digital clicks, you can directly view the RAW files in the explorer. Moreover, it is developed by Microsoft which in turn is no doubt one of the best names in the field.


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