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MetatOGGer is a simple tag software that helps users sort and classify various file types like MP3,Ogg Vorbis, Speex, FLAC, Musepack, WavPack, Windows Media, Monkey Audio, etc. The program is a splendid choice for managing a digital music library with vast number of albums, artists and tracks. The software appeals to users who have some experience in handling files of MP3 and OGG format. It allows users to import their files into the interface which has a simple interface that is neatly designed. In MetatOGGer, users can view and edit the album name, track number, genre details, and all other information pertaining to such media file.


The most notable feature of MetatOGGer is that it enables users to create their own personal tags. By writing a name or a value each album or track can be assigned a tag which can be used in the future for file retrieval during searches. The program also allows users to edit the media properties of an audio file like bit rate, codec used, duration, insert or edit cover art, edit tags with IronPython scripts, convert lower case tags to upper case, capitalize the first letter, etc. Tags can also be created from acoustic fingerprints, copy covers, download lyrics, remove redundant and duplicate files, rename and sort files based on classification, etc.


MetatOGGer is compatible with Windows operating system whereas some programs like Dr. Tag do not function in Windows 7 platforms. MetatOGGer scores a perfect ten rating for its user-friendliness and usability whereas other programs like mp3tag, Tag&Rename, Dr. Tag fall less than nine in scoring. MetatOGGer looks cool if not professional with a neatly designed interface that exudes elegance and aesthetics. The controls are placed for quick access and are simple to follow even for a novice computer user. When MetatOGGer comes for free Dr. Tag and tag&Rename come at a cost. Although their trial versions are available nothing fits the bill like MetatOGGer.


MetatOGGer is a perfect choice for users who have to work frequently with files in mp4 and OGG format. The program toolbar is customizable allowing users to personalize it to suit their working comfort. By any chance if the file gets corrupted or the settings go wrong you can restore the program to factory settings anytime and resume work without any loss of data. When working with MetatOGGer we did not face any drawbacks or put down factors which were present in many similar programs available in the internet. With plenty of options and an interface that can be customized with minimum manual intervention MetatOGGer is one program that can solve all your needs for audio tagging of your media files.


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