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Computer security is a very important subject that all computer and internet users should pay keen attention to. It includes all the processes and mechanisms to protect all computer based equipment and information from unauthorized access or destruction. These mechanisms involve the use of antivirus that protects computers from threats such as viruses and Trojan horses that can damage your computer immeasurable. Metascan software is the ideal and affordable tool for computer security solutions. It allows you to use multiple antivirus engine scanning technology which is fast, scalable and reliable.


Metascan has a powerful and highly flexible APIs which enables it to integrate multiple scan engines and allows network administrators to detect threats on multiple computers. This software has a technology that increases zero hour detection rates for all types of malware without the struggle of modifying, licensing and maintaining multiple antivirus engines. This is possible since Metascan uses numerous antivirus engines from different vendors like ESET, AVG, Microsoft, Bitdefender, F-secure and McFee. All engines integrated into Metascan products are optimized to scan simultaneously hence fast and high performance scanning. Metascan software has a number of uses such as scanning files uploaded to file upload servers, scanning web traffic through a proxy server, computer forensic analysis and testing data moving across internal security domains.


No antivirus is perfect since new threats emerge daily. However, Metascan is the best antivirus engine offering enhanced security since it uses multiple anti-malware engines, increasing detection rates. It also has new features such as support compatibility with metadefender 3.x, metascan web-based management console which is the configuration for scan / engines and metascan clients or the deploy offline update. Metascan has an enhanced logging of scan results and an updated metascan Web Management.


Metascan is a highly recommended program for the security of your computer. Install and integrate the scan engines for high performance of your PC and high security of your personal data.


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