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MetaReport is a developer kit used by the professional to gather data from different sources and make a collectively report of the same. Using this application, user can have access to a number of databases such as Mysql, Access, dBase, Paradox, etc. This application allows users to export the above files and make a single report or database using all of these.


MetaReport is a database management tool that allows its users to export databases of all major databases types. This application also allows its users to create a report using all of these databases collectively. This application is particularly useful for companies, which have different corporate offices and each of these offices being using different database type. In such a case this application can be used to create a common database type by exporting all fields and tables in to a single table. The application is very light weight as compared to its features, and it comes in a 4MB installable package. It installs in seconds and is straight away ready to be used. It includes various tools for report making from a database. This application can also be used in third party applications as an activeX object.

Also, users can apply the modifications in the database seamlessly without any issues, using this application. The report so made can also be saved in various formats such as TCT, CSV, WMF, XLS, HTML and many others. Also it has a huge database support including Access, dBase, Paradox, MS SQL, Oracle, InterBase and some others too. Using this application is very simple as the users will already be developers or coders. The application’s interface is quite intuitive, simple and resembles of old days interface will clean and figurative controls.


MetaReport is a report making tools made for windows. The main objective of the application is to create a single report using the different database sources and database types. Besides this main feature, there are some other features included in the package. MetaReport is a one of a kind app and there are no other apps in the category of this app.


MetaReport is a report building and database management tool. It is one of a kind application, which is very useful for professional developers. There are various things that this application can do besides making reports. Using this application users can import database of Access, dBase, Paradox, MS SQL, Oracle, InterBase and some others types too. Also users can export two or more database of different types and make a single database to be used. MetaReport is a comprehensive application which is quite worth its cost as will be used companies and developers.


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