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Metacafe is a very popular software application which has been developed by Metacafe Inc., in order to facilitate the users to view the best as well as the latest content present on the web. It is an application which has only one purpose, which is to entertain the users with the help of images, videos and games present on the internet.


The interface of Metacafe application is really very simple and easy to understand. The application has basically 3 columns. The first tab allows the user to access the categories preferred by them, also a link is present which is called content setting, using which one can specify the type of content that the user wishes to see. It could be videos, images, games or something else.

It also allows the user to access various other categories like stories, articles, links, animations, riddles, etc. Also, the family filter button takes care that the youngsters are not exposed to the adult content, even accidently.

Metacafe also filter the content that it sends to you based upon the configuration as well as country you belong to. Additionally, the content is regularly refined depending upon its ratings. The second column offers the user the various options that the application has chosen for your entertainment based upon your category selection. The third tab just allows the user to visualize the content that you have been seeing.

In addition, the user can also comment, rate as well as upload various other entertainment media sources via Metacafe. The TV mode is another very nice feature that changes the Metacafe window to full screen.


There is no doubt that Metacafe application can act as a one in all source of entertainment to the users, and this is the major factor which makes it one of the best among the other similar softwares available on the internet. Another factor that gives this application an upper hand over other software is that it searches as well as downloads the content in the background without interfering with the normal work of the user.


Overall Metacafe is one of the best software that you can have to keep yourself entertained for hours. Also, the huge community this application has developed will keep you filled with a lot of entertaining content.


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