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People those are interested in chats over the web and go though instant messengers, often go with the option of saving the login passwords over their personal systems, though this kind of practice may hamper their account safety in risk. It may lead towards illegal authorization of your account information in the instances when you are absent, or don’t really keep the password in mind. MessenPass is the application to fill this gap.


MessenPass presents a clear picture on how risky these sorts of habit can be. However, the tool has been made available especially to get the instant messaging password back that you have not remembered. The tool goes for scanning a system for native text programs and presents them with the username.

The application is too easy and smooth to handle, and it doesn’t really involve any kind of installation process. You can download and go straight running with it. It can deal with a huge variety of software solutions like Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, GTalk, Pidgin and all the similar platforms you are aware of. It is here to mention absolutely that MessenPass works fine in case the user has planned to go with saving the username and password in the tool for efficient login. On this context, it is quite important to remember that one can’t go through it for having the password for any other profile.

The tool has been put under test with various other assisting instant messengers, and it works the way it promises. MessenPass has been provided with a useful functionality with an aim of helping the user. Go with the installation options for chat process if you didn’t take the help of the fundamental destination, or if you are working with the portable edition of the tools.


There are various other options available as well of MessenPass. One example of this is MSNE-Fix. The application deals with conventional operating system platforms like Windows 7/8/Vista, Mac, etc. It takes 294 Kb of system resources. You can take A-Patch as another similar option. It also works nice with the operating system platforms like Windows 7 and others. However, A-Pitch consumes comparatively lesser resource in comparison as it takes only 209 Kb of your system space.


On a whole, MessenPass is a fantastic option if the user forgets the messenger password absolutely and a definite recommendation for people of all groups. Despite performing so many tasks the application puts least on your computer resource. The application consumes only 72 KB of system space and involves minimal effect over processors.


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