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A few years back, it was speculated that viewing system of Outlook Express could not be simplified much. A company then ventured and went on the create Outlook e-mail viewing products. The company then worked hard to create MessageExport, an export utility for Outlook to download or save the e-mails to some common easily accessible file formats including .pdf, .msg, .mht, etc. Apart from exporting capabilities, the software also sports features like backing up, preserving and extracting e-mails in bulks.


The best part about MessageExport is the ability to export multiple messages from e-mails to popular formats like PDF, HTML, CSV, etc. along with simple drag and drop functions. Export of emails can be done to a PDF file along with the attachments in the file. To extend the capabilities, multiple emails can be merged to a single PDF file too and the PDF files are text searchable, i.e. words can be found by a simple search. The downloaded emails can be kept and named according to the user requirements, such as date, name, modifications and contact from which email was received. Not only the text in the emails can be retrieved with MessageExport, but also the attachments from a numerous amount of emails can be exported in a bulk to the specified locations. If not to be exported in a bulk, the software provides an option to export attachments manually by selecting the required ones. The emails are further printable from basic simple understandable commands. Usually, the options to print pages come in A4 mostly, but MessageExport has been devised to support US/European and other page sizes of wide variety. Apart from mostly talked PDF format, the emails are also downloadable in image formats with extensions of JPG, GIF and TIF just to name a few. The amount of emails downloadable just doesn’t have any limit as such, unless one runs out of emails to download! The options of Back-up of Outlook folders to a format like PDF is an added advantage. One can keep a discrete Outlook folder to keep all the exported emails in proper organization.


MessageExport is an incomparable product in its class. Comparing software in delicate issues regarding Microsoft can be very interesting. Astonishingly, there aren’t many competitors to MessageExport. There were some tit bit software, which came and went away, but this shareware has stood strong along. Performing some simple operations of exporting some emails, MessageExport has attained a powerful mantle in Outlook Solutions.


MessageExport is assumingly a must have software for people who use Microsoft Express a lot and want to keep their email data safe and sound. With exceptional features to download emails in PDF format, merge them, back them up and preserve them in a classified Outlook folders describe its overall capabilities.


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