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Mercury/32 is a feature rich powerful windows mailing server with special support for the Novell NetWare environment. With its diverse feature, you can manage and send mails from web applications as well. Though it is a little complicated to use all of its features, but when you will get used to it no other would seem suffice.


Mercury/32 lets you have a mail server of own on your PC, without any need for a third party mailing service provider. Here you have access to strong filters and actions along with the interface to external applications making it more flexible to use.

Mercury/32 is highly configurable and provides extensive control over contents and disclaimers. Mercury/32 when used with others tools like SpamHalter and Clam AV can lead to a more protected email environment from spams as well as viruses. Inbuilt security of Mercury/32 is tight as it provides limited access control.

You can also blacklist DNS which along with gray-listing helps reduce spam. Sending mails is made easier with the support for mailing lists and web based administration interface. You can review your connection as Mercury/32 is able to keep long connection logs and statistics. Users can also access full documentation and learn how to use this software along with it’s all the features. You can run this software as a windows service as well, meaning to a 24X7 mail server facility.


The software faces competition from two of the Internet honchos, Google Apps, and Microsoft Exchange Server. Although both of these are good, but considering the features and all extensive tools that Mercury/32 provides, makes it a best choice for anyone out there, though on a limited scale of course.

Diverse set of settings provided takes one to too many of windows which makes it a little difficult to keep track of your settings, as no simple database type interface is used. “Fragmented windows” is one of the disadvantages in this software. Another restriction is with the web access as its availability is bounded to mailing list administration.


Seeing all the tedious tasks it takes to configure all of the features of the Mercury/32, it’s surely meant for advanced users or network administrators. Even though it is one of the best mailing server out there, considering the fact that it is a freeware. It’s safe to try this software at least once and you will be impressed for sure with its long list of astounding features pilling up more and more day-by-day.


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