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Memory is one of the most important elements of your PC or laptop. No PC can even start without a working RAM or Memory unit. Bios always check the system memory unit before while starting up your computer but sometimes it misses some checks that are necessary. Testing the RAM has its perks and it can give you a whole bunch of information on your PC. MemTest86 is one of the best free memory testers out there which resembles testing your x86 based PC’s memory unit pretty well.


For most of the PC owners it’s just a matter of useless software, but, advanced users understand the requirement of using these kinds of freewares and it can tell a lot of things about your memory. MemTest86 truly determines if your RAM is working accurately or not.

–         Advanced Features

MemTest86 is blessed with a lot of advanced features. Although it’s a freeware, it has whole bunch of features that aren’t required for a standard RAM checkup. Additionally, it is a standalone program, which means, it can work without the help of any operating system. Now, the new update of this program can support x64 bit processors. It provides GPT, RAM SPD information, RCC RAM support. Plus, it can disable CPU caching, and can detect ECC support and their errors as well.

–         Sleek & Lightweight Program

A lot of tools under the same hood and the program only consume 1MB of data. Yes, it’s correct. It’s a pretty lightweight program that has a great user interface and sleek options to get through your work easily. Plus, automatic updates of this program keep adding more features and improvements and they’re all free.

–         Easy to Use

This software has a very intuitive and beautiful user interface. It might look intriguing for the beginners but once you start operating, you’ll soon find out the extensive features that it offers and how easy it is to work with this program. It looks for various errors on your memory module and fixes them as well.


It is by far the most amazing memory testing tool for PC. Memory Diagnostic is another freeware of this kind but it hardly stacks up against the mighty MemTest86. Compared to MemTest86, Memory Diagnostic has fewer features and surveyed from a lot of users, it slows down their PC, plus freezes a lot.


If you consider a viable tool to check your memory module and look for errors that cause it to fail to run your PC properly, then MemTest86 would be the best choice to do so.


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