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MemTest is a freeware software tool which is useful to test the working of your newly installed/working RAM on your PC. Sometimes, you might want to know the status of your RAM or will want to see whether it is even running in the first place. At such times, this is the perfect software for you. MemTest is available for all versions of Windows Operating system namely, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8 (both 32 and 64 bit).


MemTest is a very small software tool with which you can enhance the working of your RAM. As the name implies, MemTest is used to test the working of your main memory. This tool runs on all versions of all software thus, making it more user-friendly. It has a simple interface with only a single button to start the whole process.

An interesting feature of this tool is that the longer you let it run on your PC, the more accurate its results are. If you let it run for a longer time like many hours in a single go, there will be no effects at all on your processing speed. It has to be taken care of that the application must be kept open in order for the process to run which in turn makes your appearance on the task bar a tad clumsy as such. You also have the option to stop the process whenever you wish to even though the status has not reached 100%.


MemTest faces quite a bit of competition though it is restricted to being mediocre range. There are other software tools available that provide you with almost the same features as that of MemTest.

Software tools like RAMstressTest, MemTest86+, PassMark MemTest86 and GoldMemory are some of those. MemTest86+ and PassMark MemTest86 works only on x86 architecture computer systems. On the other hand, RAMstressTest and GoldMemory are old software tools. GoldMemory is a DOS based application while RAMstressTest is useful only for RAMs of sizes 2 GB or less. Among all these applications, MemTest has a wider range of usage, and is thus recommended.


MemTest is a one of its kind software tool whereby you have maximum advantages at bay. It occupies very little space (just 13 kb) on your hard disk and does not influence the working speed of your system.

There have been no reports of the system being halted while the application was being run in the background so far. The next time you want to test your RAM, simply think that this is the best software available for you on the Internet for free.


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