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MediaFire Desktop software (formerly known by the name “MediaFire Express”) is a desktop client that gives users the ability to upload and share files through their online accounts using MediaFire cloud services. This desktop client helps keeps both online and desktop files in sync. MediaFire desktop allows a maximum of 50 GB free online storage, so users do not need to be bothered about space running out.


With MediaFire Desktop, users can store their vital work including sharing of their vocational photos everywhere they are. This desktop online storage client is available for both Windows and Mac OSX users. Users can choose to sign up using their email address or alternatively sign in using their Facebook log in details to access the MediaFire Desktop app. Once logged in, from the system tray or the dashboard, users can drag and drop files they need to upload.

The client features a flawless interface that integrates with Windows Explorer and the Mac’s OSX finder to enable easy upload of data. Additionally, the MediaFire Desktop allows users to instantly share via social networks directly from their desktops. Users can share via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest or Bloggr. Additionally, one can also monitor activity on the MediaFire system which includes any updates done on their files by fellow users, get notifications on any new files sent from their friends and other messages regarding the status of the system. The MediaFire Desktop helps users to automatically track the file versions by giving them the capability to edit file history, sort files by dates as well as type.

Moreover, files are checked automatically for duplicates, which are then deleted so as to optimize the users’ storage space. Another cool feature with the MediaFire Desktop client is screenshot capturing feature where users can capture, make footnotes and share screenshots instantly from their desktops. For quick access, this desktop client allows you to copy URLs of the specific files uploaded to the cloud and send them directly to friends or business clients. This makes this application reliable and effective. When uploading large volumes of data, a window displaying the progress is displayed allowing users view the elapsed time as well as the files on queue. Users can choose to pause a download at will or get rid of particular files so as to give priority to the more important ones.


The MediaFire Desktop application requires about 1GB of the system memory and at least 600MB of the system’s hard disk space including the space a user will store their account’s information. This might seem like high usage of the system resources, but considering the numerous features the application will be offering, it is far better placed than any other application in its category


Comparing with other cloud solutions such as Dropbox which offer users a mere 2 GB of free online storage, MediaFire offers its users 50 GB of free usage. This makes the MediaFire Desktop application exceptionally reliable. However, MediaFire desktop client doesn’t incorporate documents like Google Drive does; it will still give you the ultimate cloud file sharing experience.


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