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The McAfee Deep defender is basically hardware assisted security which guards endpoints against any rootkits. It is enabled by McAfee Deep SAFE technology. McAfee Deep Defender is designed to detect any possible threats to the computer operating system. It has an advanced capability to detect most of the attacks that are not easily detected by other software. After detection the attacks or rootkits are blocked and remediated. McAfee Deep Defender offers next generation security which ensures CPU and memory monitoring at an advanced level


McAfee Deep Defender can be managed remotely using the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software. This software is an efficient security solution which lowers any costs and required management. McAfee Deep Defender uses four different types of protection: Watch scans, Triggered rescans, lightweight rules, heavyweight rules. These are designed to provide in depth security against hidden malware. The protection offered has minimal impact on the operating system. The Kernel memory protection protects confidential data and prevents any compromise to the existing endpoints. Another feature of the McAfee Deep Defender is the true zero day protection. This software detects rootkits even with no any prior knowledge of its existence.


Some of the major competitors of the McAfee Deep Defender software are Tremd Micro, Sophos, Avast, Kaspersky, Symantec, Bit Defender, Panda Security, F- Secure, Frisk, Avira and Bullguard. Despite the competition the McAfee Deep Defender remains on demand due to its unique features. Unlike other software, it is designed to operate beyond the computer’s operating system. It is therefore ranked one of the best security solutions. Its unique design allows it to combat the weakness of various antivirus products.


McAfee Deep Defender is undoubtedly a good option for monitoring an operating system. It provides a wide range of options depending on the consumer’s preference. It has so far received great reviews by users. With the McAfee Deep Defender any computer is free from risk of malicious malware


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