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Maxthon Cloud Browser is a power packed Internet browser that allows users to have a highly efficient browsing experience. The browser boosts of several tools that enable users to use multiple options while browsing the Internet. The browser can be used to download the files directly to the Cloud without having to save them on the computer.


Maxthon is a highly packed and feature rich web browser that incorporates several tools for users to manage their browsing experience. The browser has inbuilt options such as the PDF Viewing and Ad skipping tools that allows fast forwarding through the video ads. It also has a 3D gaming portal and engine.

The browser incorporates twin engines that include both Trident page rendering engine used by the Internet Explorer and Webkit which is used by Chrome and Safari browsers. It supports Cloud services such as Cloud Push and Cloud Download so that users can directly store the data over the Cloud without having to download it on the local computer.

The browser has an interface that consists of many tools that are available for the users. The search engine box enlarges when users click on it. The tools on the browser window can be added or removed by users depending upon their requirements. The browser can synchronise tabs, bookmarks, address bars and options on all the devices of a user that have Maxthon installed. So the users can bookmark a webpage on one device and the same can be accessed upon another device that has a Maxthon instance synchronized with the first device. It also allows synchronization of notes.

Through its Cloud option SkyNote, users can download files directly to the cloud instead of the local computer and access these files from any other device that has access to the SkyNote option. The options page is opened in a new tab instead of a new window. This allows the users to easily manage the browser. The browser supports 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Cloud Web Browser is a browser similar to Maxthon. It allows users to synchronise their bookmarks, tabs, Language support, Parental control and theme support options over the cloud. The browser uses Microsoft’s Trident engine for rendering the websites.


Maxthon is a high utility web browser that has many inbuilt options for users of all levels. It has basic features for new users and has complex options such as Cloud synchronization for advanced users. Users can easily add or remove options from the browser’s interface and can use the Cloud option to synchronise their options and preferences. It has twin-engine support and can be used to download files directly over the Cloud while surfing instead of downloading them on the local computer.


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