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Delivering of bulk e-mails is in fact the main technique of marketing in a virtual world that occupies the issue of globalization. The program MaxBulk Mailer Pro can facilitate the users to make all the work easier by customizing the sending of mass e-mails. It helps the company owners to deliver their messages to the consumers with ease.


MaxBulk Mailer Pro is actually a mail-merge system and bulk mailer for the versions of Windows that enables one to send and create professional type emails to clients and prospects straight from the computer. The format of all these messages would be plain text only, or combined with HTML or even only HTML, and styled text. The content of the messages may be categorized. The user can give them a particular priority, put in a great number of tags or also condition them. The contacts may be very simply inserted and, after the mail was written and personalized, the user can view them in preview mode or work on a text mode. An individual can import messages or export it to contacts. Conversely, one can include messages, striking components or links. Another fundamental role is that of spell checking, that can confirm the accuracy of the text. MaxBulk Mailer Pro offers a very good useful means for sending bulk mails. Each required detail concerning this program and also its functions is comprised within the application itself. Even the support section presents the responds to the most common questions relating to MaxBulk Mailer Pro along with its proprieties.

Another practical feature, particularly for those who uses more languages is the presence of international characters. In addition to this, the system will automatically distinguish the language that the user uses out of the options like English, Russian and many more.


The alternative of MaxBulk Mailer Pro is AB Bulk mailer, which is one of the popular email marketing solutions. This software is free and helps the businessmen to get many orders, as their mails would go to the inbox of their customers. The next one is Bulk mailer one that delivers mails free from more than one server by means of limits. The software contains extractor designed for emails, news verifier. It can let users to simply send bulk emails by way of SMTP servers. However, the interface of MaxBulk Mailer Pro is more intuitive.


MaxBulk Mailer Pro is a reliable partner for all users who desire to have an e-mail marketing operation. It has a good help scheme, a lot of valuable functions along with tools that integrate absolutely with the requirements of the most demanding users.


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