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MAX Tray Player is a simple media player program that can be incorporated into taskbar making it easy to play, stop and pause playing media files even while working on other files or programs simultaneously. The program is simple to use and is best suitable for audio and video files. Once installed, the player can be accessed by clicking the icon that pops itself in-between the start button and the quick access options. Also, the interface looks plainly identical to Winamp player hence; users will find no issues or trouble in knowing the navigation buttons. Adding files to the playlist as well as sorting files also become easy and manageable with the help of MAX Tray Player.


MAX Tray Player is an advanced form of Winamp or real player media programs. The player is bundled with plenty of options that serves all the purpose of an ordinary user as well as suitable for media professionals like editors, music artists and DJs. Users can create new playlist based on genre, artists, sort them based on various classifications, or based on criteria like bit rate, file name, path, etc. all that is required to add a file is to drag and drop. The interface with which it gets synched to the player is done automatically. Users can also adjust equalizers, set up auto startup when system boots or move to another point in the window other than the taskbar. The interface of Max software is designed considering visual aesthetics as well as elegance which make working with them more interesting than strenuous.


MAX Tray Player is one of the simplest media players available in the internet. It can be played from the taskbar tray giving much space and convenience for other programs. All controls for playing, pausing, or moving files can be done with considerable ease without having to get into the interface. Compared to some flying media players this are available for free of cost and is very user friendly that even novice users can play or stream music without any difficulty. The playlist options are plenty to sort and classify your favorite tracks without much hassle.


MAX Tray Player is a very simple to use media player that takes negligible amount of memory space. It does not affect the functioning of the system in any way and is the perfect choice for light users of media. Software testing companies have acknowledged the software to be free of bugs and also functions smoothly without any crashes or error messages. It can be rightly said that MAX Tray Player is one of the most stable and user-friendly media players available right now. With quick access and almost zero maintenance MAX Tray Player is one of the simplest solutions available for users right now. Coming with no frills attached their programs which are adware, malware and spyware free have plenty of takers crossing millions of downloads since the release date.


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