Max Secure Anti Virus Pro 2013

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Max Secure Anti Virus Pro is a reliable program that can protect your computer from viruses. This application scans your computer regularly and removes all the threats before they have time to affect your system. Max Secure Anti Virus Pro is compatible with windows XP/2K/Vista/ Vista 64 bit/7/8/ 7 64 bit and 8 64 bit. This is a commercial ware with a 30 day free trial period.


Max Secure Anti Virus Pro is a simple application to work with. You don’t need minimal experience to work with the program. This is because; the user interface of the application is compact. This means that you can get access to all the features with relative ease. This application offers three scan modes; full, custom and quick scan. Using full scan, you can check all the files and programs in your computer. Quick scan checks the operating system and verifies that no file is infected. Custom scans are run to check selected files and folders to verify that they are not infected. If you want to scan a file or folder, you only need to right-click on the file and select scan with Max Secure Anti Virus Pro. A pop up window displays the scan results with the security threats detected , allowing you to remove them. You can also set up a regular system scan using the scheduler feature. This feature enables you to select the duration after which the scanning will take place and the scan mode . The application can either clean or log only the detected threats depending on the settings.


There are several applications that work the same as Max Secure Anti Virus Pro. Multi Virus Cleaner is one of them. This application has a powerful detection engine that targets those areas that are mostly affected by viruses. The software is also effective in removing malware from your system. However, unlike Max Secure Anti Virus Pro, this software is ad-supported. AVG Free Antivirus is another antivirus solution tool that can protect your PC from malware. This is a freeware unlike Max Secure Anti Virus cleans up and restores your PC to its normal functioning.


Max Secure Anti Virus Pro removes viruses and spyware without taxing your computer. The application also protects your privacy and provides security against homepage hijackers and malicious websites.


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