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People often stumble upon encrypting their files so that no one can open them apart for themselves and Masker is a great option for them.


Masker is a file-encrypting program that eliminates the necessity to hide files in order to remove the access from other person except for the user. It’s a great way to secure a file that might cause trouble if it’s handed over to a wrong person. Most people often hide their files or zip them within a password-archive to send it to another person thinking it’s a secured way. But, it’s often unsecured since these RAR passwords can be broken and Masker can be an effective solution in terms of file encrypting.

Masker comes with a bundle of features. It appoints itself as a file carrier that helps the users to provoke unauthorized access to their files or folders in a very subtle way. It comes within a very lightweight package of only around 3MB. Very few file encryption tools are this smaller in size. Next comes its ease of usage. Masker has a very neat user interface and it’s really simple to run along with this program with a short amount of time. Plus, the options are pretty straightforward so that the users can easily find what they are looking for in a few steps.

Masker uses powerful encryption tool of up to 448 bit to encrypt all the users files. Upon the users approval it starts to hide and encrypt each folder, their subfolders and all files under the branch. This ensures a safer way to send a file in a much secured manner. This powerful encryption tool allows the users to consider this program as a reliable one. Only the executed password can decrypt the embedded files and folders. The encryption process is pretty fast and it doesn’t harm the files in any way by keeping them intact and fully functional.


File encryption tools dates way before this era and lots of programs were developed to ease this problem. There’re plenty of alternatives to this software like Axcrypt, AES Crypt, Windows BitLocker, My Lockbox, Easy File Locker, etc. But, most of them are paid and the MS based Windows BitLocker slows the encryption process. Easy file locker is only 224KB program and even keeps working if the windows boots into Safe mode. However, it doesn’t come with a file carrier. Both AxCrypt and AES Crypt offer more powerful encryption methods but their UI doesn’t look promising.


Masker, as a lightweight program, does a pretty good job as a file-encryption tool among the big boys and users can use it without paying a penny because it’s free. A wonderful program like these is worth a try.


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