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When anything is needed to be published on the web it is seen that HTML is the major language that comes to help. But though it is very easy for the browsers to render, this text is not very simple to compose. A few content management systems such as WordPress resolve certain issues by presenting a WYSIWYG editor. However, to get more simplicity of plain text, MarkdownPad can be a handy application.


MarkdownPad is a very resourceful application that is developed to assist the web designers to write HTML code. It consists of an intuitive set of options together with useful configuration choices. Setting up this system takes only a little time and does not need special attention. When it is done, the program will present a comfortable UI whose design resembles the one of a general word processor. MarkdownPad gives support in favor of syntax highlighting as well as live previewing. It offers the facility to add preset tags, for example bold, quote, heading, ordered list, time stamp and many more. The project may be previewed within the default web browser.
In addition to this, the full screen mode can be used to remove any distractions, exhibit line numbers, deactivate word wrapping style and syntax highlighting, fix a column guide, and hide the toolbar or status bar.

The existing session can be stored for later modifications. An auto-save feature can be enabled to prevent sudden data loss. The selected portion of text or the full document may be copied to Clipboard as HTML, whereas a search function is offered throughout the complete file for the keywords and lines. Besides exporting the assignment to HTML, this MarkdownPad gives support for PDF too. In regard to the other options of the program, appearances such as font color, background, etc can be customized. The language of UI can be changed. The program makes use of moderate RAM and also low CPU. It gives support for the shortcuts of the keyboard and performs well.


MarkdownPad can be compared to WriteMonkey, which is a zenware writing app with a much stripped down interface. It is also light, speedy, and also perfectly handy. Haroopad is another markdown based document processor for making web-friendly documents. Different formats of documents like blog article, presentation or report, etc. can be created. ReText is an uncomplicated text editor designed for Markdown syntax. It is created in Python by means of Qt libraries, able to work on any platforms. Write is also a text editor free of distraction and it improves one’s productivity. It supports spell checker and improves one’s productivity.


MarkdownPad is thus a text to HTML conversion application for online writers. It allows one to write by means of an easy to read and also easy to write simple text format, and then transform it to structurally valid HTML. The formatting of Markdown can be used and removed with useful keyboard shortcuts and also toolbar buttons.


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