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In today’s era, we are quite familiar with all the latest gadgets, may it be computers, laptops, hand-held devices or any other device and cannot even think about going without it the whole day. MapKeyBoard is one such software which helps the user to structure the keyboard preferences according to their needs. MapKeyBoard is a unique software which allows user to manipulate the device’s keys and operate accordingly.


MapKeyBoard is a unique combination of usefulness and is difference. With this app, various keys of the keyboard can be replaced with some other function of some other key. For instance, the usual tower-top computers with regular keyboards have 101 keys, and we usually don’t feel the need to use all of them. Some keys are quite frequently used but are far apart from each other. So it takes some amount of extra time and energy to reach upto it. But using MapKeyBoard, we can interchange the functionality of the keys.

So, some of the keys which are not needed can be replaced with functionalities of the keys we need. The keys whose functionality is changed can be mapped back to their original functionality after use, a feature which some tools do not possess. This tool helps to revert back to the original functionality of the key. The said tool also provides users with an option to disable the keys, which is a great advantage! Instead of changing the functionality of the keys and then again remapping those keys to their original form is quite tedious! So instead of doing so, this tool provides us with an option to disable keys for the said time. So these keys can be disabled for sometime and can be activated again.

After the job is done, the keys need to be mapped again to their original functionality, which is done using remapper. But this remapper when loaded into the memory, occupies a fair amount of memory, which can be utilized by some other processes.So, instead of keeping this remapper into the memory, there is an option offered to the user to use it when needed.


This unique software has all the attention needed and is paying it off beautifully. Some similar tools in the same category which are highly respectable as compared to its competitors are namely, Key Tweak, Key Remapper, Stick Shift, and Sharp Keys. However, all of them lacks in friendly users interface when compared to MapKeyboard.


This application is highly recommended by some very respectable developers from around the world and is vastly recommended for the users, who need to perform some tedious work.


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