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ManicTime is a simple and useful tool that gives you information about Processor usage and time elapsed. Sometimes you will have to work on a single project or tool for hours together and it is important to keep a check on the services utilized. This is a paid software tool, which is compatible with specific versions of Windows including Windows 7 and 8 (both 32 and 64 bit).


ManicTime needs to be installed on your computer for the process to start. This application requires long steps to install but once the installation process is done, you could start working on it right away. The interface is very simple and can be easily understood by all kinds of computer users. The whole interface is divided into three windows where each window displays the details about all the processes which are currently being run on your computer. The details include very clearly the start time, the elapsed time, CPU usage and total time spent on a particular application. It also includes different graphs and tables for better understanding. This application allows you to add tags to running processes to keep a tab on and remember to handle the same. With this tool, you can also find out which websites you are visiting more often and the time being spent on each.


ManicTime is a unique software tool with mediocre or minimal amount of competition from other similar sources online. However, there exist other tools like Toggl, Rescue Time, Time edition and Time doctor. Time doctor and Time edition are useful tools to check whether all your employees are actually working or not. These applications can be installed on a server and can be used to check the progress of all other connections in the network. Toggl is an online time management application and is ill favoured if you cannot go online every time you need this service.


ManicTime is definitely a useful tool for your computer. It is recommended for use of the professionals who are busy in important tasks and forget to close some minute applications that consume processing speed.


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