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MakeMKV is an efficient application for converting Blu-ray, DVD and other encrypted video formats to MKV files which can be played anywhere without any restrictions or need for decryption. The application is a transcoder, which converts videos from formats which are proprietary in nature to MKV files without compromising on the quality of the video.


MakeMKV is a simple application which allows easy conversion of video files to MKV format files which can be played anywhere. The application effectively converts encrypted and proprietary video files into unrestricted video files. The quality of the original file remains intact and all other file information such as meta data and chapters remain preserved.

MKV files created by this application can be played on most of the devices and platforms. Similarly these MK files can be easily converted to DVDs and Blu-ray disks. The program can also play streams of encrypted videos without the requirement of converting these videos to MKV files. Therefore users can play encrypted DVD and Blu-ray disks on the video player and operating system of their choice without the need to playing the encrypted video only on the specific players. The program can read Blu-ray disks, which are protected with AACS and BD+. The quality of the videos, audio and high definition video and audio remains preserved. The application converts the files in a quick manner and the application is easy to operate. The application has a simple interface which makes it easy to operate the application. The information of the file is displayed on the interface of the application and users can access all the details in an easy manner. The application supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Format Factory is an application similar to MakeMKV. The application can convert any media file and can rip any DVD. The program can easily convert video, audio and image files to any format according to the choice of the users. The program has a simple interface and is easy to use even for new users. The conversion of the media files is fast and error free. Users can easily convert encrypted media files into files which can be read on any device or operating system.


MakeMKV is a highly effective and efficient application for converting video files, which are encrypted, proprietary in nature and protected. Files which can be played only on specific media players can be accessed through MakeMKV. Similarly, users can convert these encrypted files into MKV files which are accessible from any media player or operating system irrespective of the nature of encryption. The quality of the video and audio of the files converted using this application remains unchanged and the meta information and chapters of the original files are preserved.


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