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Description Agent is one of the most popular instant messaging software, which allows the users to communicate with their contacts. It has all the basic aspects of a messaging application like voice and video calling; files sharing and many more. It is a good application to stay in touch with your friends, families and for making new friends online. The software is also interesting for those who love to send emoticons, smiley icons and stickers while they are in a conversation. Agent is a feature packed eye catching instant messaging software for all kind of users.

Features includes the basic features of instant messaging software, such as, free video chat and it is absolutely free to do video chats with the people in user’s contact list. Another aspect of this application is FREE CHAT using which, users can send unlimited text to their dear ones without paying any cost for messaging and it has become the favorite instant messaging application of many users who love to text and share memories with their close ones. The other key features of this application include GROUP CHAT by which users can easily make plan for weekends with their friends and make a business plan for their company using this group option.


There are many Instant messaging applications available in the market presently and it is very hard to choose one application between them, but the aspects of user friendly interface, unlimited video callings, and unlimited text messaging and smooth performance make this software more recommended to the messaging software users.

Conclusion Agent is the most popular messaging application in Russia, which is why the word Agent used very immensely. The developer of Agent is trying hard to make it popular worldwide. The software includes many useful features for instant messaging and this application will meet the demands of the users.


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