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Computers are multi-purpose devices, which help in delivering e-classes from students to business presentations in board meetings. At times, the screen space is far too small to decipher all text and pictures associated with it. This is where having a magnifier on screen helps. Magnifying Glass Pro is a software for magnifying the contents of screen in real-time along the cursor and also has the ability to add numerous other visual effects.


Magnifying Glass Pro has a simplistic user interface with vertical tabs accessed via a left pane. Profile selection lets the users to create custom settings and save them under a profile for later reuse. The options given involve transparency, size and shape of the magnifying rectangle, frame color, glass update interval, cursor magnification and customizations. The basic function is real-time magnification of on-screen contents along with customizations via screen position of magnification which can be set to move with cursor, fixed or angular. Keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures both help in enabling or disabling the on screen magnifier window and keyboard shortcut can be customized. Command mode is present which enables quick editing of various parameters through text input. Auto-switcher feature helps user to attach individual profiles to multiple applications in the computer and hence dynamically switching between software switches the magnification profiles too. Magnifying Glass Pro is multi-lingual software and is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese and Dutch. The software is available for Windows XP and up including support for Windows 8.


In Windows, there is already a built-in existing screen magnifier but it is very rudimentary in nature without any advanced features. Apart from that, there is Virtual Magnifying Glass – software which is supposedly a cross platform and is also free and open-source in nature though with moderate looks and options. There is On Screen Magnifier written in Delphi for windows but is only compatible with Windows 2000 and XP. Super Magnifier is another such software with high zoom factors and screenshot features, however has no support for profiles or auto switching techniques. Zoom is another magnifying software which has almost identical feature set with magnification window snapping but no support for auto-switching or profiles.


Magnifying Glass Pro is a great commercial utility software for on screen contents magnification with auto switching feature and profiles, that lets one create specific settings for applications which get applied while the applications are switched over. Customizable keyboard shortcuts enable quick enabling/disabling and multi-lingual support is an added bonus. From the competition, most software provides a subset of the features and are not full-fledged or lack the polish.


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