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Macrorit Disk Partition Expert is the all in one partition manager tool. It helps in partition extension, helps in settling down the low disk problem and manages the disk space very easily on GUID partition table disk and on MBR.


The tool can do different operations like resizing or moving the volume, copying the volume, change drive letter, converting it to logical drive, changing the label, set active, checking volume, defragment, hiding the volume, deleting the volume, formatting the volume, surface test and exploring volume. In the main menu, it basically lists the disks with its capacity, free space available, type of file system and the status. In the status column it lets the user know about the health of the drive. The drive is divided into three sections as primary, logical and unallocated sections. The partitions of disks are based on the total space available in the computer and it is customizable by the user. Primary space is green in color, brown color indicates a logical space and no color indicates the unallocated space.

Some of the main features include taking very less time, that is, less than one second for extension of the NTFS partition. It does this work without the need of windows reboot for vista and later operating system versions. One of the other main features is that, it helps in wiping the unallocated space. It supports resizing both FAT and FAT 32 partition. Partition of very large files can be done quickly without any loss of data.

Wipe partitions option helps in deleting the data on the partition permanently, so that any data recovery tool cannot recover it. Locating and verifying bad sectors is also possible with this application. The defragmentation of the disks helps in getting maximum hard drive performance. The tool also hides the drive volume and also makes it appear based on user requirements. It uses the advanced technology, which helps in data disaster recovery and power of protection.


Gparted, EaseUS partition master, parted magic, mini tool partition wizard are some of the tools, which works like a Macrorit Disk Partition Expert. This tool is known for its data resizing and partition of data at a lightning fast speed. This tool is known to be the only free disk management software, which gives data recovery and powerful protection. This free tool, which is rich in features, is very much compatible and easy to use.


This tool supports wide range of devices, which includes support to hard drives that have a storage capacity in excess to 2TB, without any data loss. It helps in locking any partition and supports the windows environment, which is native as well. The speed at which it performs several operations like resize, move, copy, wipe is impeccable. These advantages and features incorporated in a single tool, makes it extremely recommendable for users.


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