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There are loads of processes we want our computer to perform even while we are away. The inevitable conditions many a times restrict us not to perform certain tasks like updating certain features in our Windows, executing some files and so on. Macro Scheduler has been designed to overcome such instances and provide the most convenient way to automate some critical tasks in Windows and record macros to simplify our work. Neither you need to be hardcore programmer, nor do you have to ask somebody to help you deal with Macro Scheduler. Some easy English command and you’re done, thanks to intuitive Macro Scheduler.


Macro Scheduler is available for all versions of Windows including the latest addition Windows 10. It has been equipped with simple English language script to pursue commands, which can be used to automate certain Window actions including some mindboggling technologies like Image Screen Recognition. This shareware has been provided with more than 250 extraordinary actions to almost manipulate any set of actions within a computer. A debugger provided in the application is very useful and automates the process in a single click. Compiler in Macro Scheduler can create real standalone files, especially .exe files, and provides user with Step-by-Step executions, by which, Macros can be simplified to a great extent here.

Additionally, Macros can be recorded and saved in the form of scripts, which can be edited later on to suit our needs. Macro Scheduler can automate almost any software on the system, from testing to automated installations and so on. For those who aren’t close to their system can access modules like application monitoring of applications installed on windows or even controlling the machine from a remote server or a remote machine.


Many competitors have hit the deck hard in competing in the business of automation of systems. Software like AutoKey and Sikuli are often compared with the performance of Macro Scheduler. While Sikuli is a visual technology to automate GUI (Graphic User Interface), AutoKey is a utility primarily for Linux. The ability to handle multiple tasks and option to select from a wide range of 250 actions is only found in Macro Scheduler. Debuggers and Macro recorders have been a scintillating feature of this freeware.


Macro Scheduler has undoubtedly been the best of the automation tools ever been used for Windows. Not even a single software has been able to match the level set by this freeware. With exceptional performances throughout its actions, Macro Scheduler is a must for any system running on windows. It has successfully eradicated the need to be around the system every time and has brought ease to work for repeated actions.


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