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Lunascape is one and only triple search engine browser that is available in eleven languages all over the world. It is advanced and extremely customizable web browser and is intended to provide the best browsing experience at office as well as at home.


With this browser, the three most popular engines have been integrated in a particular browser- the first one is Trident, another is Gecko and the third one is WebKit. Through clicking of the engine-switch button beside the address bar, this is very easy to control rendering engine for a page, until the engine is found to be most fit for showing the page contents. Built-in developed tools, the version of Lunascape6 is quicker than other browsers, which use the Gecko engine. Moreover, in Lunascape, registration of the favorite site within the Engine Auto-Switch which makes certain that the site will open with the definite rendering engine. This triple engine browser is the most customizable one, available on the market, and this is a simple issue to regulate it so as to perform in the way preferable. To manage the behavior of one’s desired rendering engine, the users has to visit the engine settings area using the Engine options button in the Settings. The feature of cascade, in this browser view shows the tab contents in one window.

Lunascape shows web pages in different tabs that are equipped with a complete menu obtainable by right-clicking on the title of tab. Through this menu, the user can have immediate access to the operations related to the related tab, like controlling the rendering engine and trapping the page. This also offers the choice of closing all the tabs with one click. Besides the tab bars are shown in multiple rows to display the tabs on different rows as needed. If the users want full screen mode, they have to push F11 and for large screen mode. Lunascape can also back up the lost settings of Bookmarks and other plug-ins.


The alternatives of Lunascape browser are Windows Internet Explorer (it is a web browser produced by Microsoft), SRWare Iron (it is a branch of the free and open-source browser Chromium. Iron mainly aims to remove usage tracking and privacy violating), SeaMonkey (is an all inclusive internet application set) and Firefox Nightly Builds (new editions of Mozilla Firefox, only for testing purposes).


Being equipped with three engines, it allows the user to switch among these for every tab for a particular need. It also enables to view the webpage in all the rendering engines alongside for the comparison of the site. In the latest versions Lunascape is even well-suited with vast range of Firefox add-ons along with the Internet Explorer add-ons and the plug-ins of Lunascape, so that it can give an extra amount of flexibility.


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