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Loopjam is fast, quick and entertaining audio editing software, which helps its users to produce a result of their own choice. This important tool is highly important and effective in remixing your loop music and enhancing it. This automatic loop slicer makes your music loops in a very easy way. It helps you to discover some of the most flattering music loops that will enhance your capabilities and will also give you a perfect result. The software has managed to garner huge popularity in the market especially among the youngsters because of its effective quality, which helps them to experience unique and sweet music.


Some of the most interesting features of Loopjam are:

  • It works best in Windows 7, XP, and latest versions of Windows.
  • Able to remix your audio loops in just one click.
  • Applies nearly 9 FX to each individual slices.
  • Aural records can be saved in various formats.

If you want to create music of your own you need to work really hard with the audio loops. It is difficult to get the actual and the precise sound that you need. The Loopjam allows you to remix, discover and perform in the most spectacular way. It helps you to make music in an interesting way and develops an opportunity to use your loop library and create something amazingly different and unique in nature. This audio editing tool is unique and addictive. It gives you a free access to several samples and also helps you see the changes on the monitor. It introduces an innovative concept of playing with the loops on a slice level. For using the software the users don’t need a manual editing as it guides them chronologically to help them make their task easy.. The innovative and interesting features of the software are worth noticing and enjoying as it helps you to come up with a rare music. It creates customized set of sound effects for your music and automatically starts to play after editing to help you hear the final result.


When compared with other audio editing software, Loopjam proves to be standing apart from the queue because of its innovative and interesting features and characteristics. The software works quickly and instantly to provide you with the effective result that you expect from it. It has a user friendly interface which helps the users to experience soothing music. Compared to others, this program is highly popular because it automatically slices up the loops into different segments and re-arranges each of them to create a different music.


The Loopjam is a simple yet effective application that has been developed in the market. It allows the users to develop a new kind of music in the most entertaining, fun loving and unique way. This tool does not require any kind of music knowledge; it is best for the beginners and works as an inspirational tool for them to develop a sweet and soothing music.


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