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Auto log-in function saves time for a user from logging in again and again during Windows start-up. LogonExpert is an advanced software whose aim is to provide the user the option to log on to the Windows automatically. With this software the user can log on and off from Windows with a simple but safe scheduled logon task, which can be accessed on network or remotely or in person. This software is very easy to use and runs on a very safe and effective algorithm security systems in comparison to other logon tools.


Generally, available logon software stores data in the registry or stores the log in details in the Local Security Authority Storage (LSASecret). Both of these vaults are very much vulnerable and can be accessed remotely with software. LogonExpert is unique in this approach as it stores logon and password data encrypted in AES 256 algorithm to prevent any stealing activity. It directly syncs the details with WinLogon, which is a part of the operating system helping in logon. This activity ensures no other software or tool can intercept the personal data. This software has four tabs, in one tab, the user enters the log-in information, in another tab, the user sets the schedule. Another tab engages all the security options. One of major benefits of this software is the user can log-off the machine after logging in if the machine is to remain unattended for a time period.

Other features of this software includes secured automatic logon, advanced command line for logon, multi-user logon with command line, locking computer after logon, scheduled logon and logoff, bypassing logon barriers, booting Windows server right from the desktop. The command line utility of this software helps the user to schedule an advanced logon/logoff event.


There are several software present in the market with the same function like LogonExpert, such as Microsoft’s Tech Logon and WinBot. While other software engages local data storage and LSASecret models, LogonExpert’s model is very safe and secured. One of the striking feature of this software which other software lacks is the command line feature right on the system. 2Z’s login manager is another preferred tool, which is lightweight and which provides the features of scheduled logoff.


This software is most preferred as it claims to store the information in the vaults of WinLogon. This can be beneficiary for company servers where it is important to maintain security for personal files. So, to conclude, LogonExpert is a reliable tool to automatically logon on the computer, which comes with a wide range of added options and also saves time.


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