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If you are looking for a sleek, to the point, and easy application that lets you in making notes with top protection, then LockNote should be your option. The best thing about the application is that it is too easy to be handled with intuitive interface.


It is here to mention that being a moveable option, it is not mandatory to install the tool over your system. Yes, the application can be kept over any removable device, or it can be saved into any PC. In addition, the tool can be activated through its exe files. The important part on this context is that the Windows registry never gets fresh additions, and no residual files can be got after removing the program from the system.

  • Best Interface

Another good thing about the tool is that it involves one of the best interfaces. In fact there is simply a basic window where one can script any stuff or put anything from the Clipboard. You can mention being specific regarding the final destination and file. Hence, you can have the fresh file with a password.

  • Versatile usage

It is quite flexible in nature as well. You can deal with the application over any PCs (along the security settings) without going for any of the installation options. Through the process, a user can deliver any encrypted file to a friend over the web. Apart from this, one can go with the conventional options like searching, switching, copying, etc. There is the option of changing the design patterns as well. Making it a user-friendly thing it has a help portion for understanding its usage.

  • Least resource consuming

Despite being an efficient tool and handling so many tasks it consumes least system resources. The application is only of 262 KB. It involves the best reaction timing, and puts minimal effort over the processor. There is absolutely no damaging issue involved with the application as well.

  • Bug free usage

In addition, the tool is absolutely perfect and involves no conflicting issues at all like viruses, malware, bugs, fixes, and others. It has been perfectly tested to be applied over your system.


There are many similar options available over the web having the similar functionalities as of LockNote. You can take the example of LAVERNA, or FsEkRIT for it. However, LockNote is a much flexible option in comparison with any thing else. The best part to mark that it is quite safe in nature to deal with any system.


If you are looking for a user-friendly option to prepare notes with top level security, then nothing can be a better option than the LockNote. No matter, you are an expert or first timer it can be easily dealt.


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