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Lock My PC is a simple computer protection application for locking the computer by clicking on an icon in the system tray. The application protects the computer from unauthorised access and it simply requires users to click on the system tray icon. The program disables other hot keys of Windows or any mouse functions and records any attempts of unauthorised logins.


Lock My PC is an efficient application for protecting the computer from any unauthorised access. The program installs an icon in the systems tray and protects the computer and the data from getting compromised. Clicking on the system tray icon allows users to lock their computers instantly or to configure the application. The process is simple and is more efficient than using Windows locking system.

Once a user clicks on the icon of the application in the system tray, the system gets locked and a locked screen appears. The application disables any other hot keys or system shortcuts which are part of Windows as well as any mouse movements, gestures and functions. Users can also choose to specify any other display image or visual effects for the locked screen instead of the default image. Similarly, they can also choose to have a transparent option.

In cases where there are unauthorised attempts to access the system, the application maintains a log of such attempts for unauthorised password entries and incorporates the option of locking the PC and keeping it locked in case of a power failure or when it is switched off and then switched on. The application also has the option of locking the CD and DVD ROM drives thereby preventing strangers from inserting or ejecting disks into the drives. The configuration menu and other application options can also be accessed by clicking on the icon in the tray. While installing the application, it asks for setting up a password, which can be used to change the configuration settings. The application is robust and requires low amount of system resources thereby ensuring that the system performance is not compromised. However, the visual effects and transparent options require a bit more of system resources. The application supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows 2000.


Simple Desktop Lock is an application similar to Lock My PC. The application allows users to setup the password for unlocking the computer as well as specify the lock window which can consist of lock screen image, a solid colour, a certain flash animation or a movie clip.


Lock My PC is a high utility computer security application which protects the computer from unauthorised access. The application is simple to use and requires a single click on the system tray icon of the application. The users can specify the lock screen image and also keep a log of unauthorised login attempts. The application is also useful in cases of abrupt system reboot like power failures or switching off and on of the computer by locking the computer and keeping it locked when the system is rebooted.


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