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The operating system has to move through several ways for ensuring you with the best protection. Also, people still look for the external option that is only meant for the task. Lock-A-Folder is certainly a pretty sleek application designed to restrict getting into the specific defined locations over local disks. It’s a quite easy stuff to deal with as all that you need is to pick targeted folders.


Simple yet high-end security:

  • For keeping your important directories safe, the application doesn’t need encryption works.
  • In fact it keeps the files, or folders hidden, and makes sure that no one else other than the authorized person gets functional with it.
  • It applies a pretty simpler concept. All you have to do is to make an ultimate password. However, you have to customize the folders those are meant to be kept secret from others.
  • This is absolutely a simple application that doesn’t involve any other complexity to baffle a fresher with it.

In addition the application is quite an easy tool to be dealt with

  • The application has minimal processing patterns.
  • Additionally, this application is absolutely safe as nobody can get hands-on with it while it is functional.
  • In addition, it has the option of taking a dig at its subjects as well. On this context, you have to get there in Lock-A-Folder and put the wraps of the directory just by providing the password you have set.

High-end Performance

The best part of the application is that it is perfectly interesting to deal with. At the same time the application never asks for administrator flexibilities over Windows platforms, and it deals with the system hardware in a very smooth fashion always. In addition, the tool doesn’t mandate the users to go for activating it always as it never dismantle the system efficiency in any fashion.

Revamped and less resource consuming

Being a multi lingual tool the Lock-A-Folder has really managed to gather a lot of appreciations. The application now easily deals with the windows registry. The best part of the process is that despite being a functionally rich option it consumes the minimal resources of just 594 KB and puts the least effect over your processor and system hardware.


There are other similar options like AES Crypt, Windows BitLocker, available over the web. However, Lock-A-FoLdeR is certainly a favoured recommendation for its multitasking nature.


On a whole, the application is a quite sleek and a straight forward option to efficiently secure your information with minimal user input. The application has enough to satisfy both the professional and common user groups as it is simple, intuitive and at the same time quite protective as well.


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