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Listary is a search tool in windows which helps in managing the files and folders in the personal computer. When, a lot of files and folders are stored in the computer, it becomes extremely difficult to maintain and manage them. It might prove a giant task to search the required files in the huge chunk of data. Listary is the fantastic tool, which rescues individuals in such circumstances.


Listary when installed embeds itself in the windows explorer. The user has to just type in the first or the last word of a file. Listary throws out the files, which matches the search entered and gives the list of files or folders in relevance to the search criteria. The results obtained are very quick.

There are many shortcut keys, which are customizable by the end user. The user has to just type in the key on the keyboard to invoke the tool. The operations that the tool can perform are customizable, with the help of the shortcut keys, as desired. Option Hotkeys in the tool helps in creating the shortcut keys. One can also open the command prompt from the search option by typing ‘\cmd’. Further operations can be carried out after opening it. When, the results are displayed, the user can select the file needed with the help of up and down arrow keys of the keyboard. The user then can either open the file or copy the path of the file. It is also possible to move or copy the files to the current folder. There is an option to copy the file to the clipboard. This allows user to copy files to other locations.

Listary has options like General, Favorites, Hotkeys, Drop-down list, display, and blacklist. General menu helps in setting the window’s position and also for setting up of the opacity of display. Favorite option helps in getting instant access to the folders and files, which are marked favor by the user. Using this feature, one can directly select the folder to begin searching. Recent documents folder has the list of files (with path names), which were recently searched or viewed. These options help in saving considerable amount of time.


Launchy, Alfred, Quick Silver and Find and Run Reboot are some of the tools, which run in a similar manner like Listary. Listary makes way for quick and convenient modes of searching, without much search operation experience.


Many other features like copying and moving of files searched make this tool a good bet for people, who are looking for efficient and convenient management of files and folders. In addition to being a very flexible tool, it is very light in weight and has a super compact user interface. Listing of files, when typing, makes it user friendly. The tool performs functions pretty quickly, minimizing total time consumption.


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