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Managing bookmarks is an important task for users who save different links, websites and pages searched on their computer system. The situation becomes handy for the user to keep all bookmarks in the computer system and access them whenever needed easily. An application like LinkCollector is available by which user can easily maintain a database of all bookmarks. Several useful features, user friendly GUI will allow user to operate this application easily and comfortably.


Bookmarking several websites, links and pages is a useful part while browsing Internet on system. With this facility, user can keep all important websites in their browser for accessing in future without searching it again. But if these bookmarks exceeds then it is handy for user to manage all those bookmarks especially if user is using different browsers. User always needs a useful application for managing these bookmarks as through this kind of application user can have all bookmarks and can access them anytime. LinkCollector is that useful application which can give user this facility of managing bookmarks for their system more efficiently and effectively no matter how many browsers are installed on user’s computer system. The application also has the possibility of taking screenshots and saving them for future use, which is the best part of this helpful application. If user wants a more secure storage of their bookmarks then the only thing user has to do is to import those bookmarks from the application’s database and save them anywhere in their cloud system. With this useful application user can even search for same links stored in database, deletes unnecessary or empty links, browse these links just by double clicking on them through their default browser.

Additionally, LinkCollector protects user’s bookmarks through the password protection facility so that only user can access these links by entering the password. On the startup user will come across a friendly GUI, which allows them to operate this application without any fatigue. LinkCollector will automatically synchronize your old bookmarks and show you whenever you browse. In the left pane, user will find its menu with some useful options which helps user to operate the application better. Although, LinkCollector is a professional application, however, beginners can also operate it easily because of the friendly operating interface.


Some applications that provide same functionality like LinkCollector are LinkStash, URLManager Pro and BookMacster. But this application provides better operating mechanism with user-friendly interface. Also, the features like auto synchronization, password protection, importing bookmarks makes this application best in this category.


LinkCollector is one of the best and must have application for user to manage their bookmarks because of the useful features engraved with it. These features are specific database, encryption facility, and password protection. Also, the friendly interface and to the point operations make this application more useful for the user.


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