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There was time when Microsoft’s operating systems dominated majority of PC’s across the world. Over time, people have now started moving over to other options. Being an open source operating system, Linux has won million hearts. It is widely popular and used because it is free and offers the flexibility to develop and improve if you know the coding. However, operating Linux isn’t so easy like operating a Windows PC. There are noticeable differences in operations.

There are bunch of confusions. If you want to try Linux, it is better to clear out everything you don’t know about Linux without giving up the existing Windows installations. To do that it is necessary to have live Linux disk for live booting Linux on your system. LiLi USB Creator just does the job for you!


LiLi USB Creator doesn’t require a huge drive to work. A 2 GB flash memory would be enough to fit in a Linux operating system using LinuxLive USB creator. It works fast as well. Just plug in the USB, follow the procedures, wait 5 minutes and it will be done.

The user interface is pretty easy and straightforward. Once you execute it, you will know what to do and how to do. Just a few simple steps are all it takes and success on every step will be marked by a right hand side traffic sign; giving the software a more interesting outlook. If you have the Linux installation image already downloaded in your computer; just connect the memory stick to the PC and point the app towards this drive. And then, just choose the source file which is the Linux image file you downloaded earlier. Downloading a Linux image is also possible through the software.

After a LinuxLive personal option screen the flashing yellow light indicates the beginning of the installation. The Linux distro will be copied to the pen drive, which will be live-bootable. This have the ability to run as sandbox software; one software inside other software. For example, Windows and Linux could be running simultaneously. Linux would be running inside a VirtualBox in Windows. However, this could slow down the PC.


Plenty of Live Linux tools are available on the internet.  Almost all of them offer multiple functionalities like LinuxLive USB Creator. Among them all, Squirrel USB, WinTOUSB, DasBoot etc. are popular among the users after LinuxLive USB Creator.


If LinuxLive USB Creator has to be judged over its qualities then it has got everything it needs to have. User friendly interface, all required features, faster operation capability, etc. Regardless of the Linux version or built, it can put every Linux into a live bootable flash memory.


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