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LicenseCrawler is a high utility application that scans the registry of the Windows and generates a list of all the license keys, serial numbers of applications, installation keys and registration numbers which are stored in the Windows registry. The application can easily retrieve the product keys of Microsoft products as well as other applications.


LicenseCrawler is an efficient application for retrieving product keys, registration numbers, installation and license keys and serial numbers of applications installed on a computer. The application queries the registry of the computer system and generates the list of keys from the registry.

The Windows registry can be scanned using this application either locally or in a remote manner. Hence, if a computer is on a network, the application can be used to scan the registry of the computer and generate the list of the keys and serial numbers. LicenseCrawler crawls the registry of the computer and can scan for product keys of Microsoft Office and Windows products as well as other applications. The generated results can be stored as encrypted text files which can be accessed later by the users to retrieve the required keys. The application is highly useful in the instances where the applications are installed on the computer but the users have lost the product keys or license numbers. It is therefore effective in retrieving the keys if the applications need to be reinstalled or repaired.

The application is portable and does not require any installation. It can be stored on a USB flash drive, an external media and can be saved on the hard drive for retrieving the keys. The program does not leave any trace in the Windows registry and hence there will be no files, which can be left over once the application has been used and removed from the system. Since the application is portable in nature, it does not require much of the system resources and does not negatively impact the performance of the system. The program supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Recover keys is an application similar to LicenseCrawler. The application is useful in retrieving the Windows applications activation keys and keys of many other applications which include MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV, XML, HTML and PDF. The application scans the Windows registry and is capable of retrieving keys and serial numbers of over 6500 applications. Recover Keys has a simple interface and hence both new as well as professional users can use the application in a simple and easy manner.


LicenseCrawler is a highly effective application for retrieving the keys and license numbers of various applications installed on a computer. The program is useful in the instances where the application is installed on the system but the key is lost. The program is portable and does not require installation on any local computer system.


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