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LG PC Suite is a free piece of software which is used to sync your mobile device with your computer, so you can manage and transfer multimedia files. You can sync contacts, notes, calendar entries and text messages, to name just a few features. It is compatible with all Windows systems, but not with Mac computers. LG PC Suite has regular updates and thus, is able to support over 50 LG phone models.


A great feature of LG PC Suite is that once you have created an account, the assistant ‘Air Sync’ will automatically detect your mobile phone when you next connect it to the computer, by either a USB cable, Bluetooth or Infrared. Data such as media, calendar entries, contacts and bookmarks can be synced between your phone and computer, and LG PC Suite gives the option to organise and reproduce media content on your computer, which is useful. Other features include automatic software updates, being able to make security backups of your apps and being able to reproduce media on your computer from another device. LG PC Suite works in real time, which means that everything that is currently on the phone will be shown on the computer, using the ‘On Screen Phone’ feature.


All smartphone and tablet devices these days are able to sync to your computer, so LG PC Suite has done nothing new here. However, it is fast, does not lose connection and achieves everything you want from the software. The only disadvantage of the LG PC Suite, is its incompatibility with Mac computers, and also the fact that some users have complained that it does not work properly with Windows 8; although given the regular automatic updates, it should work with Windows 8 in no time. Similar programs for other devices include Samsung Kies and BlackBerry Desktop Manager; Samsung Kies can be quite temperamental and does not always sync properly, while BlackBerry Desktop Manager can be quite slow and often loses connection, so LG PC Suite has advantages over these pieces of software.


Overall LG PC Suite has demonstrated to be a great piece of software, which is easy to use, performs well and is available to download for free. If you have an LG phone, then you will not need any other syncing software, as this carries out everything you would expect and more. For such a useful program, it is a shame it can only be used with LG phones and not with other makes!


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