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Searching some items on the computer can be a hard task sometimes, especially when we have a lot of folders saved chaotically. Launchy is basically a cross platform windows utility that has been designed to search the text, image, video, website and almost any file system available on a computer with help of mere keystrokes.


Launchy makes you forget opening Windows Start menu to search out for any files, links or data you may want to look for. It can be easily called out from the background by some selected hot keys, without wasting extra memory. The software is small sized, opened in a small window, and is skinnable with customizable skins. Entering mere few letters of the desired file or program implicitly allow Launchy to predict the latter part of the name. Even if the searched name is not listed in the results, a few seconds later, the software is able to generate a sleek drop down list which displays the names of the items which are close to the searched string, or may have closest linkage to the same. This tool can be configured according to the users’ needs and one may not find it difficult to do so. A peculiar, distinctive feature Launchy shows is that apart from normal files within the computer, it can also come up the system’s default browser favorites too.


There have been no significant updates of Launchy from quite a while, but it still leads in the competition of best listing software. Some alternatives like Quicksilver and Listary have been used for same purposes and have succeeded. But performance and ability to be called out in the background makes Launchy somewhat special. Though there is always new technologies coming up in the market, but launchy still is quite in competition.


Launchy can be called off as an easy to use, easy to master and easy to expertise software. The software performs without a hitch even in normal system configurations. Its powerful abilities to search deep into the system makes it a contender to replace the Start menu too. For people who look to access data without a glitch, without any lag, this is the ultimate solution.


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