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LastPass is an all-in-one security solution for storing passwords of all sites and relevant important login details in a safe and secured digital place. Managing all those little but complex alpha-numerical combinations in ordered way and memorizing at a time is somehow stressful. LastPass provides the opportunity to safely write down all important details in a secured vault. Also, it allows the user to create strong passwords using the in-app generic password creator. The software helps in creating right combination of eight to twelve characters comprising alphabet, numerical, special character and upper, lower case letters. LastPass takes care and memorizes all passwords so that the user can be free from tension of forgetting the password.


LastPass uses AES 256-bit encryption added with routinely used PBKDF2 iteration to ensure that the data is decrypted only locally. The updated version of this software sports a simple user interface, where even a beginner would not have to hunt for a function. Despite having a wide range of options and added features, LastPass is a very lightweight tool and is very swift, during installation. As you browse new website every time and sign up, LastPass prompts to save the URL with the log in information, so that afterwards when the user returns to the site, the software can auto-fill the details to save time. One of the striking benefits of this software is having an online portal, where the user can store, access, edit, organise all information and can be accesses from wherever the user is. This is important as because many companies work in tie-ups where employees stay at different places and access information remotely and very securely with LastPass.

Also, the user can create short notes on essential details about credit card, bank details, memberships, passport within the software’s safe vault. LastPass allows the user to take back up of important documents or to save a digital copy of them. The LastPass password generator is extremely useful when creating a new password as it helps in getting the right combination.


Actually, to store password securely, there is probably no match with LastPass’s efficiency. It is the most secure vault to safely store all details. Still there are contenders in the market like Roboform2go, KPassC, Deskman, WebPassBooster. While this software comes in exchange of hefty price, other efficient software can be downloaded free of cost or come with little cost. Though the premium version offers a professional service, but it is way expensive.


LastPass is the most used software of this category because of its simplicity and efficiency. So to conclude, LastPass is a perfect choice for both beginners and professionals as it is very handy to use and also provides a wide array of options.


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