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Kylo is a web browser, which is free and particularly created for TVs handling Windows OS or any Windows PC linked to a TV screen. This browser has many appealing features that can improve the usage of the Windows TV. It also provides the user a best Internet browsing experience on the TV. In addition, the crisp and big buttons presents a superior operating experience and thus makes it simple to manage the browser even remotely.


There is an address bar and also a bottom bar with refresh tab, home button as well as some other type of controls just as Internet Explorer. The home screen includes a number of bookmarks to relevant sites such as movies, news, songs and many more. The bookmarks or the menu of speed dial provides very quick and easy access to the chosen multimedia sites.

The web browser is made on the basis of the Mozilla platform and this is fully optimized for the screens of HD TV. The Mozilla‘s power allows the user to see the websites competently and completely on the screen and this also gives Kylo a better plug-in support. This browser can even be utilized as a file browser because it permits the user to explore the PC and this file browser has also a truly high-quality interface that allows exploring the computer’s Windows directories quite simply.

Kylo also enables to view the preferred websites in any well-suited mode of some other browsers and tools for example Firefox 5, Google TV, and PlayStation 3 and so on. As all other recognized browsers it also has privacy services, proxy settings, features of display and some other settings. Kylo is a comprehensive browser that may be used by any person. The software occasionally can moreover be used on any common PC. It appears suitable for streaming purposes.


One of the alternatives of Kylo is Mozilla Firefox that is a quick, full-featured browser for web. Firefox comprises pop-up blocking, tab-browsing, the Google search, easy privacy controls, a smooth browser window, which shows a number of pages and a lot of extra features that work to help to obtain the most out of it. Tumblr Post is another option that enables the user to post to Tumblr account very quickly. In settings the user can add more than one Tumblr account if needed. The user can drag the selected text or images and even audio files. This vital add-on is also a well designed app.


Kylo can be regarded as open source browser, which is optimized mainly for web searching at a distance on a media center computer or connected TV. The basic optimized controls are planned to be applied by means of a remote control, to make it easy to browse the web, view online movie or play games in the room. Thus, Kylo can bring the TV and PC together to generate the supreme content experience.


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