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KompoZer, an excellent WYSIWYG web page application is launched in order to remove all the difficulties in editing the web pages. KompoZer is such a Web Authoring System, which blends web file management and accessible WYSIWYG online page editing capacities. It is designed for all individuals who want to make a professional looking website without having the knowledge of HTML.


KompoZer is actually a HTML editor, which offers a large number of features along with a well-organized interface to turn everything easy. A beginner might need to spend some time on getting acquainted with the program, but there is an all-inclusive help file that can give tons of information on how to use the application. Evidently aimed at those individuals with a bit more knowledge in computer, KompoZer boasts a number of handy utilities, such as a markup cleanup, CSS editor, different themes and extensions, and also a bonus feature to confirm HTML and make certain that there are no errors in any document.

Certainly, all types of content can be managed here, and so the users can include pictures, tables, links, some named anchors, straight lines, symbols and character as well as table of contents and also PHP codes. One of the features of Mozilla Firefox is now obtainable in KompoZer. The users can have just a single window on the screen but several documents can be edited at once. And each of these documents has its own Undo or Redo stack. Only a glance at the tabs is needed to know whether the document is to be saved or not. One of the major items that get a focus from its creator is the formatting. With the help of this feature, it is possible to change the size of the fonts, the styles of the texts, writing direction, page colors, background, titles and many more. The main window of the program is divided into a number of panels. There is even a site manager in order to explore all of the documents and edit the ones that are needed.

Additionally, a separate editing screen is also there for altering the HTML code with no difficulty. The last panel also boasts a number of other tabs in order to access the HTML tags and source, and also a preview feature for seeing the alterations in real-time.


One of the alternatives of Kompozer is Bluefish. With this program, one can juggle various projects with ease because it automatically brings back the allotted settings for all. Adobe Dreamweaver also boasts of offering an intuitive environment, which allows the creative ability to apply CSS properties like box shadows, gradients, etc. BlueGriffon is also another alternative that permits to edit HTML. It is a multilingual program and is free to download.


KompoZer is a fast and dependable program, which is created on the basis of Gecko. Its amazing support of XML, JavaScript and also CSS offers the greatest authoring platform in the marketplace. Its structure based on XUL turns it the most extensible editing tool.


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